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Solution for error code: 3 yellow blinks

The error code "3 x yellow blinks" is generated when the Sensor unit orientation is wrong. 

1. Check the Sensor unit installation. 

Check that the Sensor Unit wall mount is installed on a level surface either on the wall or under range hood bottom surface with the original double sided tape. Also check that the Sensor Unit fits perfectly into the wall mount and the wall mount or the Sensor Unit frame is not deformed.

2. Unlock the Sensor Unit orientation. 

Note that Sensor Unit orientation is locked after first cooking event and if the sensor unit is relocated after first cooking event the orientation must be reset. To reset the orientation renew the radio connection between the Sensor Unit and the PCU. See instructions "Manual Adjustment mode 2 (Manual setup of the wireless connection)" or follow the same steps in the Installation manual. 

If the problems persists, it is advised to replace the Sensor Unit. Contact your local supplier to order a new Sensor unit. 

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