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Product return shipment instructions

For return shipment. Pack the product as well as possible to avoid any damage during delivery. The return shipment is free of charge for you. 

To order the return shipment, go to

  • Follow TNT instructions and book the pickup order
  • Return address:

Company: Safera Oy

Contact: Niko Pietikäinen


Phone: +358 50 356 1235

Street and number: Tekniikantie 4, B-talo, 4krs

Postal code and town: 02150 Espoo

Country: Finland

  • If you are located outside of EU, you need to fill commercial invoice for customs
    • Remember to write in additional information: No commercial value. Return of used / defective material for inspection.
  • As a reference, write the Freshdesk ticket number
  • For payment method, select receiver as payer and enter Safera contract number (34542)
  • As service, select Economy Express
  • Print delivery documents and wait for the pickup
  • If you face any problems or need assistance, you can call TNT local customer service for help

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer help.

Safera Oy                

+358 50 356 1235

Tekniikantie 4, B-talo, 4krs

02150 Espoo


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